How wonderful is the way such a small thing can make me feel warm inside
Happy laughter of children is reaching my ear from somewhere
Tell me about the punishment that was given to each and every sinner
You can heal even my deepest hurt when you just stay here by my side

A big white shirt is hanging in the afternoon breeze
Disoveries are abound in ordinally days of our life
I would accept the end of the world even if it were tomorrow
I am grateful to be alive at the moment every time I call your name

Real important things are always noticed after losing them
The blue bird will never return however loud you cry over the spilt milk
Let me hear the joyful laughter of all children in the world
Their voices will gradually turn into songs and I wish I could send them to you

I hope you can forgive each and every sinner in this world
When the long dark night gives way to bright morning
I hope you will stay here by my side
I hope you will stay here by my side ...


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