What am I gonna do? Everyday is so depressing.
Even my favorite songs or booze can not fix me
I don't even want the familar warmth of my boyfriend
Just want to be crying on the pavement all alone in a torrential rain

It's not that I want somebody's tender words
Because they are anyway only words
I just want to be on my own today
So everybody please get out of my face, Bye-bye!

So where are you heading anyway in such a sardine packed commuter train?
With such vacant eyes and uninspired face
It's written all over your face that drinking all night in the city
didn't take you anywhere at all

Look you're not the only one, but everyone is like you
Winners are the ones who know how to distract themselves in a smart way
If you can't do that then I must say to you, Bye-bye!

松山千春『祈り』 松山千春『恋』

Tag:音楽.邦楽 音楽.訳詞 英語の.慣用表現


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