Beside the Bird's Nest, the clamor is for tickets. There are seasoned black marketeers here, but mostly the vedors are ordinally people trying to make a reasonable mark-up. The face value of the tickets for tomorrow night's 100 meters final is 800 RMB, or just over £60.


It was said the tickets were sold out coming into this Olimpic games, but in reality, it has been beset by empty seats. Clearly, many of the tickes remained on the streets. It presents the dilemma for local organizing committee, who want to fill the seats but are duty-bound at least officially to condemn the scalpers of the black market.


Well there's plenty of tickets available. All you have to do is come down here into the shadow of the Bird's Nest stadium. I 've just been quoted 3,000 RMB for two tickets to the night of the 100 biggest final. That roughly is about £300. You have to buy them in doubles it would seem. And the police pretty much are turning blind eyes to all of it.


London 2012 organizers are on the ground in Beijing and there may well be a lesson here for them.  



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