You may have noticed a new item on Burger King's menu. It looks just like french fries. The catch? - "It's good for you", because it isn't sliced potatoes deep fried in oil and smothered in salt. It's apples cut to resemble french fries and fool the eye. Nowadays parents of picky eaters will try anything to get their kids to eat fruits and vegetables. Take Jessica Seinfeld's bestselling book "Deceptively Delicious", filled with ways for parents to hide spinach in brownies and cauliflower in mac and cheese. Are Americans so used to nashing on junk food that in order to eat healthy we have to fool ourselves and our children? Instead of playing with our food perhaps we need to take the time to introduce pure healthy foods to our kids, and even make them learn to like them. *** author Michael Pollan says "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Childhood obesity is at an all time high. Encourage your child to enjoy the pleasure of a delicious apple. And it doesn't have to look like a french fry to be appealing. That's "a page from my notebook". I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.

smother は、「窒息させる」で覚えていましたが、ここでは、「完全に覆う」や「たっぷりとかける」という意味です。辞書には、"smother a salad in dressing" とか、"pancake smothered in butter" などの例が出ていました。そもそも smother は、「窒息させる」の意味のときにも、「首を絞める」のではなくて「顔を覆って」窒息させるという意味なので、「広くおおう」とか「かぶせる」というイメージの単語なのだと納得しました。

To smother someone means to kill them by covering their face with something so that they cannot breathe.(コウビルド英英辞典より)  

mac and cheese とは、macaroni and cheese のことだそうです。 nash は、「間食をする」、「軽い食事をする」というスラングです。



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