These extraordinary images were taken by the Brazilian government during sevral flights over one of the remotest parts of the Amazon rainforest. Thought to have had no previous contacts with the outside world, the pictures of the tribe were passed to the campaign group Survival International. We asked them to tell us what we could learn from the photos.

午前中に最初にこの場所を飛んだときには多くの人がいて、女性や子供もいて日常の営みが行われていましたが、午後に戻ってきたときには、女性や子供はいなかったそうです。おそらく怖がって森に逃げ込んだのだろうということです。その代わりに、体に赤や黒の色を塗った男たちだけになっていたそうです。色は、単なる装飾の場合もありますが、戦争や危険を意味することもあります。男たちは大きな弓矢(bows and arrows)を持ち、何人かは実際に矢を放ってきたそうです。彼らは恐れを抱き、来るな、出て行けというメッセージを発していたことは確かです。

The Brazilian government says it won't be bothering the tribe again. It doesn't intend to get any closer than this. Its motive is simply to map out the community's land so it can be protected from loggers and other tribes driven to Brazil from neighbouring Peru, ultimately preserving their unique habitat.


And this forester team who took these pictures is concerned that's how it will stay. They are the only ones that know the coordinates of the tribe with no name lost in time somewhere in the remoteness of sprawling Amazon reainforest. (Lisa Holland; Sky News)


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