An Iowa cop finds a car in flames. The driver, trapped inside. A second officer arrives. Open the passenger door and drag the unconscious man to safety. One cop checks for other passengers. Seconds later the whole car goes up. The driver escaped with no burns. The cops will receive the medal of valor.

valor「勇気」です。勇気という意味で最も一般的な courage と比べると、詩に使われるような、ちょっと大げさでもったいぶった感じもする言葉です。

A loose bull stopping traffic on a Minnesota interstate. One cop almost got smout by the 1,900 pound beast, before the bull later ended up in a residential area. Police, fearing for the public safety, shot the animal.

fear for~ は、「~を心配する」「~を気遣う」です。fear のこういう使い方って、ちょっと意外でした。If you fear for someone or something, you are very worried because you think that they might be in danger.(コウビルド英英辞典より)

Calling all party boys. Please report to the beach immediately. A coming-of-age ceremony in Japan features some nearly nude dudes carrying new twenty-year-olds into the icy cold. But it's all worth it, local tradition says that participants can expect better fortune.

report to~ は、(人のもとや場所に)「出頭する」「所在を報告する」という意味です。If you report to a person or place, you go to that person or place and say that you are ready to start work or say that you are present. (コウビルド英英辞典より)


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