Omnicell(オムニセル)という会社の紹介です。Wallstrip のホストが Lindsay から Julie に代わって、「寂しいなあ、Lindsay の方がよかったのになあ」と思っていたのですが、Julie にも慣れてきて、Julie の方が聞き取りやすいような気がしてきました。

Holy crap! Omnicell took a major dive on the market. Should we still cover it? Oh what the hell, it's Wallstrip.

Hospital stays are never fun. Let's face it. No one acturlly ends up in an ER with a B-list male stars just hanging around trying to resuscitate their careers. But lucky for us, companies like Omnicell Inc. are helping our healthcare facilities limp into a new era.

OMCL specializes in avoiding human error. I mean, medication management, with products like computerized drug cabinets and "smart" inventory carousels. These automation solutions allow hospitals to acquire, manage, dispence, and administer medications without any problems. Because in the real world, well-tailored scrubs and good hair just don't always get the job done.

In 2005 the California based company did some heavy restructuring, which hurt profit that year, but since then it's more than doubled its price per share. It hit an all time high over 30 in early October, and then of course the pulse slowed, and that wasn't because of George Clooney.

Vital signs are stable, however, the company is near its all time high, even in thie bearish market. Omnicell is in 25% of hospitals and the company is winning more business than its top rival Pixis. OMCL continues to maintain quality cusotmer service while gaining new contracts, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

So don't despair. That emergency appendotomy, it won't be so bad. A supermodel doctor might not be performing the procedure, but take comfort in knowing Omnicell can help make sure you get the right meds. Wow, and maybe you'll get a hot nurse to prep you for surgery. No. There it is!

以下、コウビルド英英辞典THE FREE DICTIONARY でチェックした単語などです。

1. If you resuscitate someone who has stopped breathing, you cause them to start breathing agin.
2. If you resuscitate something, you cause it to become active or successful again.

◆scrubs = scrub suits = 手術着

◆bearish(逆は bullish)
On the stock market, if there is a bearish mood, prices are expected to fall.

◆sneeze at
If something or someone is not to be sneezed at, they are important or dangerous enough to deserve serious attention.



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