The blue planet has given to my heart
The full moon floating in the night time
The flowers of the earth have given to my heart
The sun that is never going down
The lull of evening when we meet somebody
Sooner or later turns itself into parting
Passing under the wind and stepping over the ocean
There is you who have become my treasure island
Small pieces of dreams like a school of fish
Pass in front of us along with seasons
For you and me together, miracles are on the way

Birds are flying over tomorrow
To be in time for the break of dawn
Whistle of a boat is the sound of beginning
Casting invisible arrows over the sky
Memories of the short time spent with you
Grow into a long shadow and come to see me again in future
Faithful to the wind, I close my eyes and
There is you who have become my treasure island
Making lovely display of dreams and
Waving gently like corals
Bringing me discoveries along with the seasons
In the long stretch of this journey


- - - - - - - - - - - - -
胸いっぱいのフォトグラフ - ラブ・ポーション
気分を変えて - 山崎ハコ
祈り - 松山千春
恋 - 松山千春



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