以下の動画で、fracking水圧破砕)という言葉を知りました。正式には hydraulic fracturing と言い、地中の岩の中に含まれているシェールガスshale gas)を取り出すために、岩を砕く方法のことです。



[0:33] They often cite "trade secrets"

[0:38] as if it's a delicious proprietary blend like spices in the Colonel's chicken (Colonel's chicken はケンタッキーフライドチキンのことだと思います)

[0:48] even though these compenies and politicians and others who benefit from the energy industry like to tell us how safe fracking is,

[1:14] but here is the kicker (意外な問題点落とし穴、隠された不利な契約条件

[1:19] The bill would make North Carolina's state geologist the custodian of the information (この法案はノースカロライナ州の地質学者を情報の管理者に指定する)

[1:23] only that one state employee would have access to what's in the fracking chemicals

[1:33] The only time he or she would disclose that information

[2:15] Wouldn't we all like to know what the hell they are injecting into the earth, that will probably eventually mix with our water supply or steep into our basement? (steep と書いた部分は、seep かもしれません)

[2:22] Not to mention all the earthquakes fracking is causing. Who knows it can be directly relating to the proprietary chemicals?

[2:31] unless one of the human remaining after the frack apocalypse breaks into the state geologist's abandoned office (水圧破砕による大災害を生き延びた1人が、誰も居なくなった州の地質学者のオフィスに侵入しない限りは)

kickerTHE FREE DICTIONARY で調べたら、A tricky or concealed condition; a pitfall とありました。pitfall は、よく見聞きします。catch にも似ていると思います。


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