以下、「人食い警官」こと Gilberto Valle(ギルバート・ヴァレ)に有罪判決が出たというニュースについて話しています。聞き取りにくかったところと、ポイントになる語彙を選んで紹介しておきます。(*)印を付けたところは、正しく聞き取れているか自信がないので、もし違っていると思う人がいたら、教えてください。

[0:01] Gilberto Valle, the man they are calling the cannibal(人を食う、人食い人種の) cop, was found guilty of conspiring to kidnap and eat women,...
[0:20] He accessed a federal database without authorization to look up info on one of his targets,...
[0:31] ... he was making concrete steps to go through with(実行する) kidnapping and eating women.
[0:36] The chief piece of evidence against Valle was his computer, which his wife turned over to the Feds(連邦捜査官), ...
[0:47] The computer was filled with crime scene pictures of dead and mutilated(手足などを切断された) women, ...(中略)..., and human meat recipes.
[1:05] He researched how to knock someone out(~の意識を失わせる) with chloroform(クロロホルム).
[1:09] He also initiated sickening chats(チャット) with three co-conspirators(共謀者), where he outlined his plans for his potential victim.
[1:17] One juror(陪審員) said that ...
[1:24] ... as if he were an addict that was in need of a bigger and bigger dose(投与量、使用量)
[1:34] They felt like(*) he really intended to kill and eat women.
[1:43] He had thoughts(*), and spoke about those thoughts on-line.

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