Apolo Anton Ohno took the bronze medal in the men's short track speed skating 1000-meter final on Friday. "I've been blessed enough to be able to stand up on podium many times and tonight was very historical for me." That's seven medals for Ohno, which makes him the most decorated US winter Olympian, period.

The thing which you have to remember about Ohno is he's in such an unbelievably wacky unpredictable sport, and he's been such a consistent force over these last three Olympics. No matter what you have to take your hat to what he has done.

"It's an honor to compete, you know, at this level. It really is. I think that's what drives me. Every single time I step on the ice, I truly want to be the best that I absolutely could be, every single time."

Though to get bronze he had to fight his way back on to the podium. A slip had put him back into the last place but he scooted his way to third. "I think I almost actually fell down, and luckily enough I was able to actually catch myself from falling. But at that point everybody had flown by me on the inside and the outside. And so I lost about, you know, like 30 to 40 percentage of my speed."

He's guaranteed to race two more events, the 500 meters and the 5,000-meter relay.

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スクーター(ミニバイクとほぼ同じ?)という言葉はよく聞くけど、scoot という動詞があるとは、考えたことがありませんでした。

If you scoot somewhere, you go there very quickly. (コウビルド英英辞典より) 


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