It's the latest countryside issue to divide the nation. But even experts admit that controlling the badger(アナグマ) population is far from a black and white issue. Farmers blame the elusive(捕まえにくい) animal for spreading TB(結核) in cattle herds and they are calling on the government for a cull(間引き) to help protect their livelihood. But numerous studies have so far failed to convince the authorities in England that widespread destruction of badgers is the way to fight the disease.

The Welsh assembly government has said it will go ahead with a cull in one of its TB hot-spot areas. Now a major trial by researches from Imperial College London and Zoological Society of London suggest the cost of a major onslaught(猛攻撃) against the badger population would be greater than the money saved by reducing cases of the disease.

The research also suggests that piecemeal(ばらばらの、少量の) culls carried out by farmers on their own land could even increase bovine(牛の) TB in cattle herds.


最後の文の中の piecemeal culls は散発的な駆除という意味ですが、私は最初これが piecemeal cows に聞こえて、しばらくわけが分からず理解に苦しみました・・・。


To cull animals means to kill the weaker animals in a group in order to reduce their numbers. (コウビルド英英辞典より)

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