Another strong aftershock(余震) has hit Haiti. A 6.1 shaker sending people running into the streets. The US Geological Survey says this latest tremor(揺れ) hit about 35 miles northwest of Port-Au-Prince.

Republican Scott Brown of Massachusetts will become the 41st GOP member of the Senate when he's sworn into office. Brown defeated a democrat Martha Coakley 52 to 47 percent in what's seen as a major upset. He now takes over the seat held by the late(故) senator Ted Kennedy. Brown will finish the unexpired term and face reelection in 2012.

The search continues in central Virginia for a gunman who killed eight people and nearly took down a police helicopter. Authorities believe they have Christopher Speight cornered within a police perimeter(捜査の包囲網). Officers have not disclosed the motive for the shootings.

Evacuations began this morning in southern California where officials warn significant rainfall could cause mudslide and debris flows(土石流), especially on slopes left bare by last year's wildfires. Two storms already have passed through the LA area. A third is expected today. Officials are warning residents to heed(気をつける、従う) evacuation orders.

debris flow(土石流)は、土砂と水の混じったものが川などを大量に下ってくる現象なので、mudslide(土砂崩れ、地滑り)とは区別されます。debris の発音はデブリーという感じで、語尾の s は発音しません。debris だけだと、「破片」や「がれき」という意味になります。

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Debris flow(土石流)


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Takeshi Yoshizawaさん


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