He wasn't exactly going in lightening speed, but Flash the tortoise surely lived up to his name, clobbering the competition at the 40th annual zoo run in Tulsa. In front of a cheering crowd, he blew by his competitors Turbo and Diablo who strayed off course. Maybe they nibbled on some grass. They found the way back on track, but it was too late. Flash was too far ahead. Flash's motivation to head for the finish line, an orange on a string. And his prize waiting at the finish line, some chopped up veggies. Technically, they all got prize because all three tortoises had vegetables waiting for them at the finish line.


live up to~ は、to のあとを promise にすれば「約束を守る」になるし、expectation にすれば「期待を満たす」や「期待を裏切らない」になります。他には、reputation(評判)などとも一緒に使えます。

If someone or something lives up to what they were expected to be, they are as good as they were expected to be.(コウビルド英英辞典より)

◇Sales have not lived up to expectations this year. 今年の売上は期待を裏切った。

clobber は、英和辞典には、「たたく」「ぶちのめす」「徹底的にやっつける」「圧勝する」とありました。tortoise(トータス)=「陸ガメ」については、こちらをどうぞ。

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