It's the most explosive moment for the soda industry since the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. Some leading health experts are calling for a sin tax on the sugarly beverages Americans drink, like it's going out of style. They say that a tax of one percent per ounce on soft drinks sweetened with sugar, could be a main resource of revenue for health care reform, pulling in nearly 15 billion dollars a year. It may also be a way to combat obesity. UCLA researchers found that people who drink soda are 27 times more likely to be overweight. A regular daily soda drinker can consume, get this, 39 pounds of sugar a year just from those drinks, gulp! President Obama thinks the tax is an idea worth exploring. And some lawmakers say taxes on cigarettes have reduced smoking and raised revenues. Without a doubt the idea is bubling up in Washington, and it could soon give soda companies some major gas pains.

'sin' tax
- A popular term for any tax levied on 'pleasure poisons' – eg, alcohol, tobacco. (THE FREE DICTIONARYより)

sin tax は、英辞郎 on the Web には、「罪悪税」とありました。でも、炭酸飲料を飲むことは、いくら太るからといっても、個人が後ろめたく感じるべきことではないですよね。最近はカロリーゼロの炭酸飲料も増えているので、太りたくない人は、そういうのを飲めばいいと思いますが・・・。

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smile  2009, 09. 23 (Wed) 20:33

最後の文のbubbling up は、なるほどコーラの泡に掛けているんですね。gas pain もそうなんでしょうか?それとも全く別のなにかイディオムですか?そもそも、gas pain
って 何か怖い。アウシュビッツを連想する。飲料会社の重役たちがユダヤ系だったら、ちょっときついダジャレになりますよねぇ。 

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smile  2009, 09. 23 (Wed) 20:38


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Applecheese  2009, 09. 23 (Wed) 20:57


bubbling up も gas pain も、内容に引っかけてますよね。gas pain は、おなかの中にガスが発生しておなかが痛くなるような話だと思います。


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smile  2009, 09. 23 (Wed) 21:04


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