I've often expressed my vague dislike of cars and how glad I am not to have to own one, but happen to live in the city that's made up of basically small villages where I can walk everywhere or take public transportation.



Cars spew toxins into the air, assist well in killing people, keep economies dependent on oil, often times foreign, are not good for you as biking or walking, and turn people into raving lunatics when they are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.


So, who knows? Maybe the way of the future is car-less comunities like Vauban, or may be they are just a breath of fresh air from the past. Depends on how you see it. As for me, someone who vaguely hates cars, the way I see it is only awesome.


下線を引いた部分の a breath of fresh air(「新鮮な風」、「新風」)の説明を、コウビルド英英辞典から引用しておきます。

If you describe something new or different as a breath of fresh air, you mean that it makes a situation or subject more interesting or exciting.

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